Make Your Effort Count

CounterMeasure. CounterAct. CounterCorona.

What inspired CounterCorona?

CounterCorona was inspired by the worldwide initiative to practice social distancing measures and healthy habits to contain and eliminate COVID-19. We are asking everyone to join us in the “Solidarity of Commitment” Initiative set by the CDC Taskforce, and make their efforts count!

What is CounterCorona?

CounterCorona is a digital assistant that administers an interactive survey to users on whether they have practiced the CDC’s Top 5 Containment Strategies that day. We aim to be the premier source of truth regarding Coronavirus prevention efforts across the nation. When a participant passes the survey, they are added to a national counter, visually displayed as a heatmap (see View Heatmap).

What's Next?

We are looking to expand our message of “Solidarity in Action” globally. We will also implement a 14-day challenge, to track participants' efforts with our digital assistant for two weeks. We hope to provide incentives for people to take the survey and participate in the social distancing measures. We would love to partner with any companies who are also passionate about this cause.

What Can You Do?

Take our chatbot quiz on Facebook to see if you comply with CDC prevention recommendations.

  • Visit our Facebook Page

  • Click "Message" to get started

  • Take our chatbot quiz to see if you follow CDC guidelines

  • View your contribution our national heat-map

  • Receive periodic information and updates on how to better prevent the spread of COVID-19

Screenshot of iPhone App
Screenshot of iPad App


An action taken to counteract a danger or a threat. Take the appropriate countermeasures to prevent and eliminate COVID-19.


Act against something in order to reduce it force or neutralize. Do your part to counteract the spread of Coronavirus.


We believe that each individual prevention effort is essential to the collective success of battling COVID-19. Make your effort count!

Meet the Team!

These people are passionate about preventing and eliminating COVID-19 through collective efforts.

Anya Aggarwal


Anya is a Biomedical Engineering student at Johns Hopkins University. She aspires to work in healthcare consulting. Since COVID-19, as part of her social distancing efforts, she has channeled her love for dance into making YouTube videos!

Eash Aggarwal

Software Engineer

Eash is an Artifical Intelligence student at UPenn. He is interested in the intersection between business and technology. Since COVID-19, as part of his social distancing efforts, he has begun experimenting with ramen recipes.

Andrea Garrido


Andrea is a Public Health student at Johns Hopkins University. She plans to become a doctor. Since COVID-19, as part of her social distancing efforts, she has developed a love for taking walks with her dog!

Dr. Raj Patel

Doctor/Public Health Expert

Dr. Raj Patel is an epidemiologist and worked with the CDC during the HIV crisis for the "Each One, Reach One" Campaign.

Vijay Aggarwal

Project Manager

Vijay is a Project Manager and Software Engineer at Oracle. Since COVID-19, as part of his social distancing efforts, he has started teaching himself Python and data analytics.

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